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IPPC. Intergovernmental panel on climate studien är koldioxid (CO2), metan (CH4), lustgas (N2O), flourerade kolväten. 21. Tabell 4 Karaktäriseringsfaktorer GWP 100 (IPCC, 2007). Växthusgas.

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2018-05-21 · The results showed that NT/RT significantly mitigated the overall global warming potential (GWP) of CH4 and N2O emissions by 6.6% as compared with conventional tillage (CT). Rotation cropping systems and crop straw remove facilitated no-tillage (NT) to reduce the CH4, N2O, or overall GWP both in upland and paddy field. The proportion of GWP CO2, GWP CH4 and GWP N2O ’s contribution (%) to net GWP was 13.8 to 26.5, 71.9 to 86.1 and 0.13 to 1.61, respectively. This indicates that CH 4 was a major contributor to GWP in the paddy field and was governed by management practices especially residue and water regimes. Se hela listan på [21] In terms of global warming potential, national level CO 2 uptake served to mitigate GWP at a rate of 657.5 ± 374.9 Tg CO 2 eq yr −1, while national CH 4 and N 2 O emissions proved to be enhancers of GWP at rates of 275.1 ± 48.3 Tg CO 2 eq yr −1 and 285.5 ± 131.0 Tg CO 2 eq yr −1 at a 100 year time horizon. Three rice paddy fields under farmers’ actual management conditions were investigated from May to April at Bibai (43°18′N, 141°44′E), in central Hokkaido, Japan to evaluate the carbon (C) sequestration and contribution of CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes to a global warming potential (GWP). Sensitivity of the boreal forest-mire ecotone CO2, CH4, and N2O global warming potential to rainy and dry weather.

Il global warming potential (GWP, in italiano potenziale di riscaldamento globale) esprime il contributo all'effetto serra di un gas serra relativamente all'effetto della CO 2, il cui potenziale di riferimento è pari a 1. Ogni valore di GWP è calcolato per uno specifico intervallo di tempo (in genere 20, 100 o 500 anni).

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CO2. 1. 7,746. 7,746. CH4. 25.

Gwp ch4 n2o

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Gwp ch4 n2o

CO2. 1. 7,746.
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Gwp ch4 n2o

CO2 0,60. 0,80. 1,00. 1,20. 1,40.

2. Methane (CH4). 25. 3.
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Proceedings of the 7 th. International Conference on Greenhouse  (Table ES.4-1).

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Greenhouse Gas. Global Warming. Potential (GWP). 1.